Shoal Rules

Before we get started, let's be sure that we're talking the same language.

We ask that members stick to some very simple principles, which we have condensed into what we call "Shoal Rules".

Climbing Fish members are committed, generous, honest and open individuals. Have a read, then make a serious decision on whether this is really for you.


No selling of services of any kind.
If caught soliciting, you will be asked to leave!



I will make the effort - in a spirit of curiosity and adventure - to meet 2-3 fellow Social Actualizers per month.


When I meet with other members, I will be focused on helping the other member before myself.


I commit to coming to the conversation as myself. Not the LinkedIn resume me or the airbrushed Facebook me. I will also respect the confidentiality of these conversations.


I approach all conversations with an open mind. I am committed to having strong views, lightly held.